10 Women Empowering T-Shirt Designs

Posted by Mongo Friday, October 26, 2018

  Back in 1992, after the nomination and confirmation of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, the Year of the Woman took place with the electing of six women to the United States Senate.  Two of those original six are still on the Senate.  25 years later, we entered into a new Year of the Woman and it shows no sign of being a one year thing.  The Me Too and Time's Up movements have continued to bring awareness about sexual assault to the forefront.  

  And in another hotly contested Supreme Court nomination process, the idea that women shouldn't be believed or that it's a dangerous time for young men falsely accused of assault has energized the move to vote more women into office, fight for women's rights, and make The Handmaid's Tale fiction again.  

  Here are 10 shirts from the many, many awesome designs by women, for women, about women, because we shouldn't have to have just one year devoted to women.  Here's hoping for a dynasty.


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