O Vader, Where Art Thou?

Posted by Mongo

Vader.  He is the man of constant sorrow.  He’s seen troubles all through his days.

Dapper Darth Helmet Wax
Now available at Skreened and Red Bubble.

One of the biggest thrills of doing shirt design is to try and find two polar opposite themes and just smash them both together.  Hopefully, the result is something that plays well on a shirt.  Better yet, is when you see the design and your mind wanders off into the madness of how really close those two opposing ideas are.

There is a lot more going on between O Brother Where Art Thou and Star Wars than you can imagine.   Just take a look at the next two weeks after the end of A Hew Hope.

I could just imagine… and I hope someone actually has the brains to make a video of this… Darth Vader walking into some Podunk outer rim shop to get parts for his busted up Tie Fighter and some Helmet Wax.  The shopkeeper tells him that the parts are not available and won’t be in for a while.   After handing the Sith Lord a can of FET Wax, Vader gets testy.  Saying he doesn’t want FET.  He’s a Dapper Darth Man.  When the shopkeeper, again, tells him that in order to get Dapper Darth he’d have to wait, Darth goes off on him.

“Why, this place is a geographical oddity. 12 parsecs from everywhere.”

I imagine the scene ends with a dead shopkeeper on the floor.

But, perhaps Darth doesn't lose his touch of the blues and eventually, on his death bed he decides it's time for one last jam session...