So, You Want To Be A YouTuber

Posted by Mongo

Why not?  Don’t we all just have that need to be gawked at and make silly noises and faces?  Sometimes, it just happens all on its own.

Really, this is now a thing.   And I wanted to update you on how it’s going. 

It’s fun.  It’s work.  It’s a pain in the ass some days, but, I still enjoy it.

Sorry, my thoughts are a bit all over the place as I try and figure out exactly what to cram into this one post.

  1. The Regular Stuff - I haven’t forgotten to dance with the one that brought me.

    I still do shirts.  I still blog.  I still care.  I just have been really busy at slacking off and doing other work.  It’s been hard to budget my time between my ninetofiver, my family, my shirts, and YouTube.  Since it’s the newest thing, I needed to put some work into it, so I can hopefully let it ride some on auto-pilot.
  2. Rants/Vlogs – In an effort to report to all of you how I’m doing and to give you tips and advice for better… You…Tubing(?)  I am going to record a series of posts I shall call RANTS.  These will be me talking about everything about the business and the pitfalls, the successes, the heartbreaks, and everything. 

    Again, I did most of this on my own, and while I have had an AMAZING amount of help from others in the online community of designers, I am still finding out on my own how to do things and want to share with you so that you can know what you should think about if you wanted to do any of this stuff.

    Now, of course, the videos will be of me probably playing games or other stuff.  I just don’t have the confidence of putting my big old ugly mug up on YouTube.  It’s hard enough for me to make sentences… and grammar.  So, deal with it.
  3. Space – One thing I will share, now is that if you are considering doing YouTube videos as a side gig or career, be prepared to become a digital hoarder.

    I started out in January with nearly 700gb of hard drive space on my lap top and this month I had to purchase a 1 terabyte external drive to make room.  And… it’s filled.  So, is my laptop, again.  Being the cheap ass lazy entrepreneur, I am trying to keep my costs in check.

    Since I am not making any money on YouTube, as of yet, I cannot keep sinking money into something without an ROI.   So, I either need to get more viewers/subscribers or pull the plug.   What?  Did you expect me to actually throw away all the countless hours of gem filled commentary while I dig a hole or build a city?  That was sarcasm.   In all actuality, I probably need to just not suck in my videos and I’d probably get more views.  YouTube is a vast and huge abyss of videos.  I’m in there somewhere.  You can help by supporting me and I will love you for it in a non-committal / non creepy way that doesn’t result in restraining orders and regret.
  4. Finally -  CHECK ME OUT   I promise to write more.  I’ll call.  I’ll text.  I want to make this work between us.  I just need to find out who I am and be comfortable with that.  ;)
  5. Oh and yeah, one more thing,   MONGO SMASH!