The No Joke Sale April 1st

Posted by Mongo

I wanted to prep you for an upcoming sale.  On Friday, April 1st, aka April Fool’s Day, the Tee Gazette is running a promo for the No Joke Sale.   

From TTG:

Taking inspiration from the highly popular “Spring Broke” sale that was featured on I Am The Trend just last week, we wanted to round up some more brands to give customers another day to shop! That’s right….. coming up on April 1st, we’ll be posting the official NO JOKE SALE line up!

What does this mean? This means that for 24 hours only, you’ll be able to shop for new tees at a discounted rate from various indie brands offering a discount for that one day, for this one sale.

I have offered to be a part of the promotion and as a participant I am offering an automatic 10% discount in my Zazzle store for 24 hours beginning at 12:00AM EST, April 1st. 

I am ultimately showcasing the following two designs, here,  but storewide, I’ve discounted everything 10%.  Why?  Mainly, it’s easier than trying to come up with a code or just discount two items.

Comic Sans Is No Joke shirt

So, remember, April 1st is the No Joke Sale and you can save an automatic 10% on anything in my store.  Also, check out the rest of the other brands' deals by going to The Tee Gazette. 

Update On Donations For Japan

Posted by Mongo

On Saturday I posted a challenge.  Buy a shirt and I'll donate a dollar of the sale to the Red Cross in order to help Japan.  The entry period ran from Saturday, March 11th until Monday, March 14th at 11:59PM EST.

That time has come and gone and I have tallied up the sales to provide you a total amount that Mongo Angry!  Mongo Smash! will be donating to the Red Cross. 

Total Number of Sales March 11th - March 14th
CafePress = 21
Skreened = 4
Zazzle = 1
Total = 26

I decided to just round up and make it an even $30. 

Thank you to all who had a part in getting the word out. 

Remember, you can still donate on your own using your mobile phone and texting to 90999 to make a $10 donation.  You can also go to and choose many options for where you want your donation to go. 

Buy a Shirt and I'll Donate To The Red Cross

Posted by Mongo

By now, everyone is well aware of the earthquake and tsunami that has devastated Japan.  Mongo Angry!  Mongo Smash!  would like to help give back.  Beginning today and running through Monday at 11:59PM EST, I will donate one dollar to the Red Cross for every shirt sold through one of my three stores. 

You can also donate just as easy by texting to 90999 to make a $10 donation. The charge will appear on your next mobile phone bill.  Now, since Japan has not officially reached out to the Red Cross, the monies you donate today may not be used for Japan relief, directly.  However, they will benefit someone, somewhere, and when and if the time comes, Japan will see relief from what has been donated and not already used somewhere else at that point.  It's a win-win all around. 

So, whether you buy a shirt from me or donate on your own, you will know that you are helping someone out there.   I will check back and give you a tally of the amounts.   Please share this message with everyone and anyone.  Post it on Facebook, tweet it, do whatever you do.   I am tracking every sale, not specific ones by hashtag or platform.  Regular sales that I would normally see count just as well as ones that might have occurred because of this post.   The links to the sites are below.

Take care and keep those in need in your thoughts. 

Thank you.


Awesome shirt
Awesome by Mongo Angry!  Mongo Smash!

Click here to buy anything from my Skreened store.

Castiel Is My Wingman Ringer T by Mongo Angry!  Mongo Smash!
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Winning The Charlie Sheen Way

Posted by Mongo

I'm such a current event whore.   My original post for jumping back into the blog for the shops was going to be devoted to the new look of Mongo and the Angry Mongograms I've been devoting time to.  However, I have to jump on this now, because quite frankly, a lot of other people are. 

Charlie Sheen, that freaking rock star on Mars who is only on a drug called, Charlie Sheen has been blitzing the media the past few weeks.  Is he high? Maybe.  Is he nuts?  Probably.  Is he shirt comedy gold?  Rhymes with winning?

Now, some brands are choosing to just put Sheen's face on a tee with the word winning under his mug.   That's fine, but I like to be different.   I mean I have to compete with a bunch of other designers doing the same thing, so let's take a meme like Sheen and twist his bi-winning nuggets of advice into infinite winning.  I have four designs, so far.  One is inspired Sheen but not directly tied to him and the others are based on his out of this world rants during countless interviews.  As the Ma-Sheen continues to churn I may prop up some more but I am going to lean towards making them universal and not just about Sheen.  After all, he's bound crash and burn and once that happens, the meme cools off and so do the shirt sales.  So, let's line up the awesome that is a Charlie Sheen meltdown.  These are all availble through my Skreened store.  Simply click the links under the images.

says, "I don't have a problem with being awesome.  I can quit anytime I want."

Has the word "Bi-winning" situated like a baseball team logo.

Bi-Winning (Faded)
Has the word "Bi-winning"  only appearing to be faded and aged.

Based on the Meet the Parents "Circle of Trust" image
but with Charlie Sheen in the circle of winning and everybody else outside.

Charlie claims the only drug he's on is himself.
Well, my doctor has informed me, via this tee, 
that 'Charlie Sheen' is not covered by my formulary.

Side Note:
One of the best takes on the Sheen meme was done by Jimmy Fallon who does a great impression of Sheen selling his fragance, Winning.