2nd Annual 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Posted by Mongo

Everyone, I wanted to give you a heads up that in 2 days I will be once again participating in the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway.

Last year, I joined 11 other shirt and apparel designers to give away a shirt a day plus stocking stuffers.  It was a blast to be a part of such a great group of people.  If I haven't said it before the design community has been fantastic and welcoming to this old schmoe.  I am just as excited this year, if not more so, because there are 4x the amount of indie shirt brands and more prizes to give out.   Here's the list from the Tee Gazette's official announcement.
  • 48 indie t-shirt brands;
  • 4 surprise event participants;
  • 12 lucky tee winners;
  • 2 lucky bonus winners;
  • 12 days of winning;
  • over $1000 USD in prizes!
And here are the rules:
  • There will be ONE winner each day;
  • Each daily winner will receive a prize pack of 4 t-shirts;
  • Each daily giveaway will be open for 24 hours, beginning at 12AM PST and ending at 11:59PM PST;
  • Winner(s) will be announced shortly after the daily giveaway ends;
  • 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway is open WORLDWIDE – Anyone, anywhere can enter;
  • There will be a TOTAL of 12 lucky tee winners, each winning a prize pack of 4 themed tees;
  • Winner(s) have 24 hours to claim their prize, otherwise a new winner will need to be picked
 And once the specifics are nailed down you can enter via:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Comments via TTG
Good luck and stay tuned!


Think Geek Air Swimmers

Posted by Mongo

Click image to go get one.
Air Swimmers Flying R/C Sea Life 

From ThinkGeek...
We'll admit it. We saw that viral video of the kitty getting spooked by the RC flying shark and we went scrambling to get the digits of the folks who made them. Lo and behold, we found they made a Clownfish too! 

RC flying sea creatures are perfect for doling out justice to fish-stalking kitties or just scaring the pants off the guy in the next cube over. (If you wear headphones and have your backs to us, you're just asking to get pranked.) The AirSwimmers RC flying sea creatures stalk through the air with incredibly smooth and life-like motion. Fill your AirSwimmer with helium at the nearest party store, florist shop, or grocery store that carries balloons. (Or use the helium tank in your friendly mad scientist's lab.) 

The AirSwimmer's body is made from a high-quality, durable nylon material that will stay inflated for weeks and can be refilled over and over again. Grab the infra-red remote and you can guide the shark or clownfish up, down, and 360 degrees around. Product Specifications For Ages 3 Years and Up RC flying inflatable AirSwimmer toy Hours of flying sea creature fun for the whole family Durable, high-quality nylon material will stay inflated for weeks Simply refill with new helium when the AirSwimmer doesn't fly anymore Remote functions: Climb, descend, and tail fin control for turning 

Range: Up to 40 feet
Includes Shark or Clownfish and infra-red controller 
Requires 4AAA batteries (not included) 
Requires helium (not included, find it anywhere that sells balloons) 
Length (with tail): 57 inches 
Height (with fins): 36 inches 

Note: Not to be used outdoors

Zazzle Black Friday Deals Extended Until 8pm PST 11/25

Posted by Mongo

Use Code ZBLACKFRIDAY to save on the following:

$5 OFF t-shirts

$3 OFF mugs

50% OFF cards & invitations

20% OFF mobile cases

FREE SHIPPING (on orders of $50 or more)
FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING $39.95 $19.95 for a year of Zazzle Black 2-Day!

$3 off during 'Black Weekend' Sale At Mongo Angry Mongo Smash's Skreened Store

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You can have your Black Friday sale, because over at my Skreened Shop, I am going to drop prices on all my stuff by $3.00.  Three Days, Three Dollars.   Now, you don’t have to go out and fight the masses at Walmart or at the mall.  You can sit around in your pajamas… though I’ve seen that at Walmart a few times… and get all the funny shirts for your family and friends, discounted for the entire weekend.   

Hell, you can sleep in, watch all those back episodes of Parks & Rec or CSI, and then eventually get around to shopping on Sunday and you’ll still save at my store while retail outlets clean up the blood and shredded Snuggie bits.  And while they raise all their prices back up and sit  around to count their money, you can continue to shop for less, only risking an advanced case of carpal tunnel, which you were well on your way to getting after completing all those Lighthouse Cove quests in Farmville…. ahem, just guessing.

So, surf on into Angry Mongo’s Skreened store and save some time and money.  I’ve got plenty of great designs in a lot of different colors and styles for you to stuff their stocking with on Christmas.  Here's just a sampling of the latest designs to be added to the store.

USB Hero, Bazinga! 

Those hoodlums from Riverbottom got their own edition of the popular video game.

Man in Black Protection availble, I mean it.  Anybody want a peanut.



Even when I'm 12 parsecs from everywhere, I never forget.  I'm a Dapper Darth Man.

A cold front has been spotted on Stark Doppler, Winter is coming for Westeros.

Dr. Horrible Meets Dr. House

And, don't forget my number one seller...
He's just a nasty ass hungry badger.

White Friday Sale: 50% off Zazzle stuff for 4 hours

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From Zazzle…

50% Off T-Shirts, Mugs,
Cards, Invites, Wrapped
Canvas, Calendars, Mobile Cases, Ornaments,
Necklaces, AND Keychains!

It's the last big Friday Four Hour Sale of 2011 and we're going out in style! Starting right now, you have exactly four hours to save 50% on t-shirts, mugs, cards, photo cards, invitations, wrapped canvas, calendars, mobile phone cases, iPad cases, ornaments, necklaces and keychains from Zazzle. Shop thousands of designs in our marketplace, or craft your own unique gift with our easy-to-use design tools. Now's the time to save big!

Can't shop right now? Worry not! After four hours have passed, you can still receive 20% off t-shirts, mugs, cards, photo cards, invitations, wrapped canvas, calendars, mobile phone cases, iPad cases, ornaments, necklaces and keychains for the rest of the weekend. But be sure to act soon!

From Me...

Get a jump on Black Friday with what I’ve called White Friday!

Honey Badger Don’t Care shirts 50% off
Honey Badger Dont Care shirt

Puss in Boots iPhone Case 50% off
Puss In Boots Poster speckcase

Winter is Coming shirts – 50% off
Winter Is Coming shirt

Zombey Road Shirt 50% off
Zombey Road shirt

We Are The 99% at 50% off
We Are The 99 shirt

Designated Texter iPhone Case 50% off
Designated Texter speckcase

Deathly Hallows iPad Cases 50% off
Harry Potter 7 Part 2 - Harry vs. Voldemort speckcase
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Harry 8 speckcase

Nothing Beats a Pittsburgh Girl Shirt 50% off
Pittsburgh Girl shirt

Winter Carriage Ride iPad Case 50% off
Winter Carriage Ride speckcase

Winter Carriage Ride Christmas Cards 50% off
Winter Carriage Ride card

 MacReady's Deep South BBQ Shirt 50% off
MacReady's BBQ shirt
World’s Greatest Final Boss mug 50% off
World's Greatest Final Boss mug

Star Wars – Original Gangster shirt 50% off
Jabba the Hutt: Original Gangster shirt

Lightning McQueen kids shirt 50% off

Lightning McQueen 5 shirt
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