Memorial Day Weekend Sale at Zazzle

Posted by Mongo

Scrape off the grill, scrub up the pool and get ready to relax and save this Memorial Day Weekend with a sale at Zazzle!

Use Code: MEMORIALSALE and save through May 30th!

Save 40% off of Posters.

Save 25% off of Stickers.

Save 15% off of iPhone and iPad Cases

Save 10% off of everything else.

Procrastinators Unite...Tomorrow shirt

Have a safe and fun weekend.  Shirt responsibly.  No unsightly midriffs!

Honey Badger Don't Care

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Oh, the honey badger.  You are the animal kingdom’s equivalent to Angry Mongo.  Why?  You don’t give a shit. 

Thanks to a popular video on YouTube, the honey badger is a meme of the moment.  And what kind of pop culturist, stand on the shoulders of others, blogger/shirt designer would I be, if I didn’t take the opportunity to offer my two cents on the Honey Badger Don’t Care phenomenon.  So, here you go. 

LOST But Not Gone Shirt Designs

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A year ago, today, LOST left the airwaves.  One of the greatest, if not most frustrating series, that has ever been on television.  It became a cultural phenomenon.  It became the show other new shows tried to be like.  It became the perfect resource for t-shirt designers. 

Even though LOST is gone, you can still get these designs on t-shirts and other products through my CafePress Store. 



Your Head is the Mayor of Your Ass on FourSquare

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We all want to be important. We all want to be king of the hill. We all want to be Mayor.

Foursquare allows you to check in to locations and earn badges. Eventually, with enough effort, you can become Mayor of a location. Right now, I wish I was the mayor of my bed. Unfortunately, I think my cats are vying for that position.

Yet, one can look at the mayorship in another way. Sometimes, there are people you deal with on a regular basis that just seem to be very obstinate and bull headed, even when they are dead to rights wrong. For them, I wish they would oust their head as the Mayor of their ass. I don't even care if they aren't on Foursquare. The sentiment holds true.

Hide and Seek Champ Retired Shirt from

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It only took ten years but Osama was taken down. The Hide and Seek Champ was retired on May 1st, 2011.

Not to be confused with the Olympic record for Hide and Seek. That was 11 years.