The Westeros League: The Evenfall Hall Tarths

Posted by Mongo

Well, I did it, again.  I wasn't content with leaving the league at 14 teams, so I expanded.  We now have 16 teams in the league.  The two new teams should be pretty prominent in Season 3.  The first is based on a popular character from the last half of Season 2 and is currently traipsing through the countryside with a Lannister in tow.   That is, of course, Brienne, the Maiden of Tarth.

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The Evenfall Hall Tarths

The huge Nordic-like woman who plays Brienne has gained quite a following since donning an awkwardly mobile suit of armor and has even spawned a fan made parody Rom-Com trailer.

The only thing this is missing is a Natalie Imbruglia or Cranberries song in it.  But... still a better love story that Twilight.  LOL

So, on with it.  

It was hard to not do this design in the vein of rugby or football (what us Yanks call soccer) team logos.  After all, the sigil for The Tarths is their crest with a sun and moon against offsetting colors.  However, being that we are always treated to Gwendoline Christie tromping around in that suit of armor like she's going to fall over, I thought her helm would be a nice addition.  

Building off the colors from the wiki page, I set that against a shield.   It doesn't have that traditional American professional sports feel.  Let's face it, I can't draw, and there aren't a lot of pro teams with a shield or a knight as their logo unless you dig into the minor leagues or college ranks.  New Orleans is the only one with a sort of crest and I already went to that well for the Tyrell's.

I hemmed and hawed over dropping the beaver (the part that covers the face, ya sickos) down over the name area and outlining it with a little white to break it up from the black background.  I guess, in hindsight, using black on that area was a bad idea.  The colors for the design needed to retain the crest and shield coloring, as seen on the wiki page and in the first scene of Brienne fighting for the chance to be Renly's guard.  The armor color needed to make it in there somehow and overall, I think all the colors work together.  The crossed swords were just an added way to cover up some canvas space. 
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The Evenfall Hall Tarths
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You can check out all of the Westeros League designs at Skreened and Redbubble.  The second addition will be up soon.  Also, look out for a video walk through of each design, coming soon.