Here's the second thing you need to be a successful shirt shop owner.


Yes Detective Kimble, I lack discipline. In fact, I am probably borderline ADHD and have a hard time….ooh, squirrel! Sorry. As I was saying, you need a little discipline in your work. Since this is not my primary job it takes lower precedence than going to work every day, taking out the garbage and cleaning up cat barf. And because I run four shops, the discipline it takes to create a design, come up with a plan to implement it and then blast it out to all four sites can take a few hours and that doesn’t even account for the possibility that I may have to go harvest my crops, take out a rival mafia, or beat my friends’ Bejewled Blitz scores. So, yeah, sometimes I get around to posting designs or even posting… blog… posts when I can get to them.

But if you truly want to be successful you need to harness some of that energy every day and dedicate it to work on your business. Stephen King has said he writes 2000 words a day and will not stop until he hits that number. If you can find the discipline to work on three new designs per day or three new blog posts a day or a handful of twitter posts. You can start the wheels churning on the marketing engine.  But be warned, much like a diet or exercise regimen, you need to keep to it or your body will become mush. The same goes for business, once you commit to that kind of discipline you need to keep it going, especially if you have number three on the list.  That's in the next post.


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