Using Social Media Like Facebook To Find The Cupcake Truck

Posted by Mongo Friday, June 18, 2010

Ok, I know, what does a cupcake truck have to do with t-shirts? Nothing, except that it's a business that you could start and do well with during an economic downturn. So, in essence this is a post about business and success, using social media, outside of selling t-shirts.  Here is the story from NPR.

Basically, what I am passing along is that Sean Moore saw a need and fulfilled it.   He kept up with a trend and used social media, which is essentially free, to advertise and it paid off in a good ROI.   He has a facebook page and blog for his business, kind of like me.  He sets out on the road in the morning with his delivery truck packed with cupcakes.  He stops somewhere around Denver and then makes his presence known using Facebook.  Soon, customers begin showing up to buy his treats. 

The fact that he charges $2.75 per cupcake astounded me but when I heard his plan of making $1000 a day in sales I thought, "Wow, that would be awesome if I pulled half that amount in shirt sales a day."   So, how hard could it be to run a side business like this if you don't have a full time job?   Sean says in the article that it's tough to keep up with the social networking but it's probably a definite benefit to his business.  As it is, he says the cupcake truck is used to augment his bakery sales.  Like me, I have a full time job and I use my shirt shops as extra income.   You could, too.

Start checking out ideas and maybe you might find yourself a newly formed business selling something like maple bacon cupcakes to the masses out on the busy streets of your town... or even shirts about cupcakes.

Bacon Maple Cupcake


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