Went a Little Nuts With Buying My Own Stuff

Posted by Mongo Friday, November 12, 2010

Sometimes when you are in a self owned business, you tend to be your best customer.   I remember selling candy bars for the band in high school, so that I could go to Disney World.  I ended up having to pay for a lot of them because I'm the one that was eating them.  The only good thing about buying my own shirts is that it won't go straight to my gut.  So, here is a round up of what I've just recently bought or have been sent.  The one to note is first one listed.  This is not my design but one I've been drooling over for months.  I don't mean that in an objectifying of women kind of thing, I just mean from the fact that it's a kick ass design by GritFx.  Manz, over there in the land of Aus....tralia was kind enough to hook a brother up.  Thanks, dear.  I will love it!

From Zazzle

THE HEROINE White shirt
THE HEROINE White by gritfx

A Huge Deal shirt
A Huge Deal by fastcar151
This one is for my wife.  She requested it.  Got it as a hoodie.

Sarcasm shirt
Sarcasm by fastcar151
Got it as another hoodie.

Lawn Dart Champion shirt
Lawn Dart Champion by fastcar151
Hoodie Hat Trick y'all.

From Skreened

Bieber Fever
Picked this up for a friend who’s coworker is stuck having to go to a concert in December. LOL.

Camp Mohawk
Camp Mohawk
From Meatballs

Coffee is for closers
Coffee Is For Closers
From Glengarry Glen Ross.

VERY NSFW! It's a Mamet play for eff's sake!

I should be good with comfy clothes for at least a few months...  LOL.


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