House of Re-Animator

Posted by Mongo Friday, July 1, 2011

I've never actually watched House and have only seen a few of the Re-Animator movies, but I thought they needed to be on a shirt together, Cthulhu be damned.  So... I give you a mash up of Drs. House and West.

At Skreened.

Fun fact about the shirt design:
I designed the whole thing in white and then duplicated the layers that were going to be green.  The underlying layers were blurred and then I used the 'glow' effect in Paint.Net.  Lastly, I changed the colors to that neon green color on both the top layers and bottom layers.

Unfortunately, I felt a little bad about having to muck up the design with the syringe, but I felt it needed to be there to connect the idea back to Lovecraft and the Re-Animator series.  Otherwise, it may have been to obscure of a concept.  I think I might do an additional without the syringe for the pop culture elite.


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