The Full Mongo Interview

Posted by Mongo Friday, December 2, 2011

Here it is... my interview day from The 12 Days of Christmas giveaway.

From TeeGazette:

What makes you so angry? Or is that all rumor.

My pants are too tight and I don’t get enough fiber. Kidding.
I am a big ball fluff in real life, most of the time.Mongo Angry’, the blog started as a war cry against the ridiculousness that has become pop culture these days. Remakes, adaptations, and a lack of original thought in Hollywood and the media has made this child of the 80s rise up and shake his meat hook at them. Shirts were kind of a byproduct of trying to express my love for dying childhood memories.

Tell us more about the person behind Angry Mongo!

Oh, that’s all boring stuff. It’s the same old story; actor turned bartender turned corporate lackey who turned a silly idea into a pretty decent side business. For realsies, I live in the suburbs outside Pittsburgh with my wife and daughter, hold down a desk job by day, and by night wreak havoc on the Internet with a mouse and a basic grasp of third grade English.

Is there a particular design you are most happy with that you have created?

Oh, now, I love all my children equally. *wink* Actually, the latest, Riverbottom Nightmare Band, is particularly gratifying in that I took a considerable amount of time on it. I am admittedly, not a good artist and I didn’t cheat or use tricks to achieve the look. That was down-to-the-pixel-level clicking that took a lot of late nights to finish.
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Do you have any designs soon to be released in 2012?

I’m still trying to gather a few more ideas for a line of designs called ‘Brews of the Bard’ which will combine my love of Shakespeare with a fictional line of beers.

What designs have you created recently?

Flash 2.0 and Silly Walk Sign are the latest but I’ll probably crank out a couple more before the year’s end.

If you could win any t-shirt from the brands involved in this giveaway who would you pick?

Any one of those awesome brands would be a win in my book.

Who are your favourite friends on Twitter?

I have friends? Did you know about this? Why doesn’t anyone tell me these things? Seriously, I have a lot of great ones that have been quick to reply or RT a lot of stuff. I see no need to bring them down to my level by naming them. They’ve suffered enough.

What present do you want Santa to bring you this Xmas?

Some talent.


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