The Non Runner Sticker

Posted by Mongo Friday, May 4, 2012

I featured this as a prize in the Spring Giveaway and it has become one my top sellers in terms of sheer volume.   The downside is I make about $.50 off of each sale. 

What the hell is it?

OK, here is the back story…

I spend a lot of time in traffic gazing at stickers, magnets, and decals on other cars.  A lot of them are stickers that read "26.2" and "13.1".   At first, I had no idea what that meant.  Eventually, logic sort of crashed through my thick cranium and I realized these were people who ran marathons and half marathons... or at least they claim to run them.

To that end, I thought, "Let's be honest.  There are tons of lazy people, like me, who wouldn't run unless there was a zombie horde chasing us.  What about boasting our achievement?"  So, I came up with the Non Runner sticker.

Much like its more athletic cousins, it's an oval sticker that sports the distance accomplished, which in this case is 0.0 and reads, "I don't run" underneath.

You can get your testament to taking it easy at Redbubble for $2.40 each.

Clear or White vinyl stickers available at Cafepress for $5.99 each

or a four pack for your lack of six pack can be bought at Zazzle for $5.60 each sheet.

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