The Westeros League: The Highgarden Tyrells

Posted by Mongo Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kicking off the second half of the Westeros League, I went with the Tyrells of Highgarden.

I wasn’t going to include them, but sort of had to.  After all, Margaery plays a big role in season 2 of the show, as does her brother Loras.   The Tyrells are feisty, yet regal.  So, in that aspect, I guess they should be included in the league of designs.

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The Highgarden Tyrells

My biggest problem with bringing the Tyrells to life was how to adapt a rose sigil into a more anthropomorphic setting of mascots and logos.  There are not a lot of flowers that function as a logo or label for sports teams.  That led me to the only team that I could find that was based off of a flower, The New Orlean Saints. 

The Fleur de Lis design on the Saints logo only served as inspiration from the standpoint of placement of a Golden Rose.  The shield became more central to the logo.   The lettering, I thought needed to be somewhat regal and ancient.  I leaned towards Celtic or Scottish lettering styles for both the team name and motto.  The colors followed the described ones from the wiki page I looked at.   

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