15 Star Wars Themed Shirts That We Have a Good Feeling About

Posted by Mongo Monday, April 9, 2018

   For 41 years, Star Wars has been a shrine to nerdom.  With the original trilogy, the oft derided prequel trilogy, and the new trilogy set to be tentatively released for Christmas 2019, there is plenty of material to geek out over.  That doesn't even include the spin off "A Star Wars Story" movies and cartoons over the past few years.  Still through all that, I am a child of the originals at heart but have enjoyed sharing the newest movies with my daughter. 

   So, here, is an aggregation of some of the coolest designs I could find out there.  Some, of course, are mine, but mostly, other independent artists have created these awesome designs.  You can find these and more listed on my AngryMongo Star Wars Store at TeePublic.

1. Hans by Warbucks360
A play on the popular skateboarding shoe brand, Vans, this one from Warbucks 360 is perfect for when you make the Kessel Run or just do a sick Ollie.

The old ways are the best ways and 80sTees provides licensed apparel that takes you back to the original look and feel of the artwork for the first movie. I had bed sheets in this art style, when I was a kid...

And in college...


This is one of my own, hipster style logos for Rogue Squadron's search team out of Echo Base.  Based on the Planet Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back.

Based on the song Rebel Rebel, by the late David Bowie, this one features A New Hope era Princess Leia with the Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt makeup.

You may be too young to know good music, but this one is parody of the eponymous album from Led Zeppelin but with a Star Destroyer.  Get it...

Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to be released this year and it could be a huge hit or miss depending on how well it tells the backstory of everyone's favorite stuck up scruffy looking nerf herder.  But never tell him the odds of how well it will do.  This one has a classic rock feel and look with a classic line from the old smuggler.

One of the best subplots to Empire Strikes Back was the introduction of Boba Fett as canon as well as the rest of the Bounty Hunters who even got their own novels in the EU.  Is it sad that I can name every one of their scum from memory?  4-LOM, IG-88, Bossk, Boba Fett, Dengar, and Zuckuss...


I love everything about this design; the simple clean look, the colors, the minimalism, the angles.  Simple and perfect.

9. Rebel by djkopet
Based on the movie drive, this mashup depicts Han Solo walking towards the Millennium Falcon with Mos Eisley in the distance.

A retro looking ad for Tosche Station. It's based on that throwaway line where Luke whined about needing to go there to get power converters instead of doing his chores.

11. Visit Tatooine bye Rene Flores at FloresArt
Vintage look in the style of the Southwest US, perhaps Arizona or Southern California circa 1968-1976 era.  It's simple and has that Space Craze feel from the 70s.
 12. Kessel Run Sticker by AngryMongo
OK, it's not a shirt, but it can be.  It just happens to work better as a sticker on the back bumper of your Millennium Falcon, or Dad mobile.  The popular marathon 26.2 or 13.1 stickers mashed up with the less than 12 parsecs line from Han Solo in A New Hope.
13. A Hero Self Portrait by UrsulaLopez
Technically, you could say this is more of a tribute Harrison Ford than Han Solo, but it still features Han, creating a self portrait of him as Deckard from Blade Runner, while seeing Indiana Jones in the mirror in a nod to the famous Norman Rockwell's Triple Self-Portrait painting.

Parody of Blue Moon Brewery with the classic line from A New Hope. Because it's too big to be a space station?

Borrowing a plot point from Rogue One, this last one posits that there are some kick ass waves to be had... at least at one time, on the planet Scarif thanks to the Death Star.  Also comes in an alternate Orangish/Red color scheme as well.


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