Jersey Shore Inspired Shirts

Posted by Mongo Monday, January 11, 2010

Reality shows are nothing if not responsible for the dumbing down of television audiences. So, of course this show that glorifies tanning and being a d-bag is going to be popular. Long ago, MTV used to play music videos, but those days are gone and now we are reduced to watching a bunch of twenty somethings pretend they are all that while taking the Italian-American stereotype to the to the extreme.

Since Jersey Shore has aired it's drawn criticism from ethnic groups over the blatant imaging of Italian flags and themes as well as the behavior of the cast themselves. Another notable incident was the "Snooki Sock" which occurred at a bar. One of the cast mates, Snooki, who loves to tan so much she would change the world by installing a tanning bed in every household, was involved in an altercation where she was punched in the face by a teacher. The incident was caught on camera and set off a firestorm. MTV decided not to air the footage but it didn't matter. They came out smelling like a rose by taking the moral high ground over glorifying violence and by letting all the news outlets and other bottom feeders put the "Snooki Sock" all over television for them. They get all the ratings either way but none of the guilt.

Then, of course, there is The Situation, or Michael as he's known to other people who don't give a crap how muscular he is and sees him for the tool that he is. Oh, I know, he's got a sensitive side that wants to settle down. Don't we all when prodded by cameramen and producers who want to give a second dimension to this one dimensional character.

So, I give you three designs to indulge your Jersey Shore fanaticism. These are not intended to comment on Italian Americans as a group, but as a comment on the ridiculousness of the people on this show that brand themselves with these terms.

I Am The Situation
Get this design at either my
CafePress or Zazzle stores.

Get this design at either my CafePress or Zazzle stores.

Get this design at either my
CafePress or Zazzle stores.


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