Pants on the Ground

Posted by Mongo Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Original Pants on the Ground by 'General' Larry Platt

Once again, reality or amateur competition shows inspire t-shirt greatness. This year’s William Hung blazed a path across the audition stage of American Idol with an original song that has become an anthem for NFL playoffs and late night talk shows.

‘General’ Larry Platt, a 62 year old activist appeared and performed his original song, “Pants on the Ground” in Atlanta. However, due to the age limit of the show being 28, Platt was ineligible to be passed onto the next round. Yet, his age and performance did make him eligible to be captured for posterity and a high share for viewing as his audition became a viral hit. It also made Platt a star as he was brought onto The View and allowed to do the song in its entirety. In addition, Brett Favre led his Viking team in a rousing chorus of “Pants on the Ground” after defeating the Dallas Cowboys in order to advance to the NFC Championship. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon also featured Pants on the Ground with Fallon performing it as if he were Neil Young, complete with clothing, instruments and voice.

Tools in the Locker Room

Southern Man better keep your pants off the ground.

While the media blitz over Larry Platt is amusing and I admit it, hysterical, it raises a question of show ethics, of which I ‘m sure American Idol has none. If Larry Platt was ineligible to compete, why let him audition? Because everyone knows that the train wreck that is auditions sucks people into the show. Regardless of actual rules, anything that will get people to watch the show is considered fair game. It’s been a week since the Atlanta auditions that gained a 23 share from viewers, according to Nielsen ratings. How much of one do you think the Chicago auditions will earn tonight?  Check back to see the answer, Now, for those of you who really care about these things, you’re not watching American Idol anyway.

In any case, I’m just here to sell shirts. And that’s why I’ve brought to you “Pants on the Ground."

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The design was inspired by Larry Platt’s audition but the title of the song sounds like an action film to me. It reminds me of Snakes on a Plane.  Maybe we can get Samuel L. Jackson to portray 'General' Larry Platt on his one man crusade to get these punks to pull up their pants. I can just see it now. “Enough is ENOUGH! I have had it with these mother f**kin' pants on the mother f**kin' ground!”

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  1. Mongo Said,

    The Chicago auditions earned a 22 share or roughly 26.05 million viewers which was down about 350 thousand from Atlanta. However, the next night in Orlando ratings jumped past 22 for another 23 share or roughly 26.85 million viewers.

    Posted on January 26, 2010 at 2:32 PM


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