A Look Back At the Blizzard of 2010

Posted by Mongo Thursday, February 25, 2010

I know it's been a couple weeks since I updated the store blog but that's because I was being detained for trying to throttle a certain groundhog.  But thanks to some wonderful people at the pharmaceutical companies, I'm much better now.

Now that the Mid Atlantic region has finally begun to see some grass in their backyards, again, it’s time to look back and reflect on the blizzard of 2010. It was called Smowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, SNOMG, and lots of other four letter words in my house. People in my area lost power for over a week in some cases. I had to throw out two cartons of ice cream. Oh, the humanity! A lot of parents needed serious therapy from being cooped up with their kids for a week due to school cancellations. Still, this was nothing to sneeze at. Several roofs collapsed from the weight of the snow and the infrastructure of Pittsburgh was tested and perhaps failed to show it could handle two feet of snow.

But, I don’t like to focus on the negative. I’d rather look at how to commemorate the biggest snowfall in the area since 1993. So, now that you’re getting some feeling back into those frostbitten hands, click on over to my shops and pick up some Snowmageddon memorabilia.

Snowmageddon 2010

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This design comes in either blue or white lettering with the Survivor stamp on it. You can also get it in a solid look or with snowflakes all around it.

Pennsylvania: The Emergency State

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We should change the slogan to “You’ve got a friend stuck in Pennsylvania.” In fact, a young lady who was stuck at the airport at the onset of the blizzard took it upon herself to make a movie.

The United States of Emergency

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The federal government shut down for a few days. Someone should have hung this sign up on the Statue of Liberty to let them know we were closed. Meanwhile, Jake Gyllenhaal took in a book while snowed in at the library.


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While other states may be no stranger to snow, we here in PA have not seen a lot of snow since we were kids. So, it’s no wonder we all freaked out a bit in Pittsburgh when we got dumped on by two feet of the white stuff. I took it as an opportunity to mix Internet slang with the chance to try and make a steel city type design, complete with the metal tread you find on truck running boards.  Pittsburghers, please be aware that the mon wharf will be closed until May.

So, as we get ready to see some green instead of white.... hopefully, let's remember this in July when we start bitching that it's too hot outside.  It could be worse.


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