Winning The Charlie Sheen Way

Posted by Mongo Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm such a current event whore.   My original post for jumping back into the blog for the shops was going to be devoted to the new look of Mongo and the Angry Mongograms I've been devoting time to.  However, I have to jump on this now, because quite frankly, a lot of other people are. 

Charlie Sheen, that freaking rock star on Mars who is only on a drug called, Charlie Sheen has been blitzing the media the past few weeks.  Is he high? Maybe.  Is he nuts?  Probably.  Is he shirt comedy gold?  Rhymes with winning?

Now, some brands are choosing to just put Sheen's face on a tee with the word winning under his mug.   That's fine, but I like to be different.   I mean I have to compete with a bunch of other designers doing the same thing, so let's take a meme like Sheen and twist his bi-winning nuggets of advice into infinite winning.  I have four designs, so far.  One is inspired Sheen but not directly tied to him and the others are based on his out of this world rants during countless interviews.  As the Ma-Sheen continues to churn I may prop up some more but I am going to lean towards making them universal and not just about Sheen.  After all, he's bound crash and burn and once that happens, the meme cools off and so do the shirt sales.  So, let's line up the awesome that is a Charlie Sheen meltdown.  These are all availble through my Skreened store.  Simply click the links under the images.

says, "I don't have a problem with being awesome.  I can quit anytime I want."

Has the word "Bi-winning" situated like a baseball team logo.

Bi-Winning (Faded)
Has the word "Bi-winning"  only appearing to be faded and aged.

Based on the Meet the Parents "Circle of Trust" image
but with Charlie Sheen in the circle of winning and everybody else outside.

Charlie claims the only drug he's on is himself.
Well, my doctor has informed me, via this tee, 
that 'Charlie Sheen' is not covered by my formulary.

Side Note:
One of the best takes on the Sheen meme was done by Jimmy Fallon who does a great impression of Sheen selling his fragance, Winning.


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