You can have your Black Friday sale, because over at my Skreened Shop, I am going to drop prices on all my stuff by $3.00.  Three Days, Three Dollars.   Now, you don’t have to go out and fight the masses at Walmart or at the mall.  You can sit around in your pajamas… though I’ve seen that at Walmart a few times… and get all the funny shirts for your family and friends, discounted for the entire weekend.   

Hell, you can sleep in, watch all those back episodes of Parks & Rec or CSI, and then eventually get around to shopping on Sunday and you’ll still save at my store while retail outlets clean up the blood and shredded Snuggie bits.  And while they raise all their prices back up and sit  around to count their money, you can continue to shop for less, only risking an advanced case of carpal tunnel, which you were well on your way to getting after completing all those Lighthouse Cove quests in Farmville…. ahem, just guessing.

So, surf on into Angry Mongo’s Skreened store and save some time and money.  I’ve got plenty of great designs in a lot of different colors and styles for you to stuff their stocking with on Christmas.  Here's just a sampling of the latest designs to be added to the store.

USB Hero, Bazinga! 

Those hoodlums from Riverbottom got their own edition of the popular video game.

Man in Black Protection availble, I mean it.  Anybody want a peanut.



Even when I'm 12 parsecs from everywhere, I never forget.  I'm a Dapper Darth Man.

A cold front has been spotted on Stark Doppler, Winter is coming for Westeros.

Dr. Horrible Meets Dr. House

And, don't forget my number one seller...
He's just a nasty ass hungry badger.


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