The Westeros League: The Iron Island Greyjoys

Posted by Mongo Tuesday, September 18, 2012

City :  Iron Islands
Colors: Black and Gold
Mascot : Kraken
Motto: “We Do Not Sow”
After two seasons of play, the Greyjoys continue to make the same errors in strategy.  They play possum all season, then make a playoff run, only to be defeated.
In their first season, they kept a low profile and didn’t make too many waves.  During season two, they reacquired utility player Theon.  This little hothead came from the Winterfell Starks and quickly turned on his former team in a show of force in Stark territory.

Now, trying to lead an offense consisting of some rag tag players, Theon is making an end run around the Starks, led by team captain Rob.  The Starks are in it to win it, and Theon, knowing their strategy thinks he has a shot at proving his worth to his team and the league by overthrowing the Starks run for the championship.

In a late offensive push, Theon makes a rousing game speech to his team but it falls short and he gets taken out of the game by his own teammates.  The replay tells a somewhat different story, but in any case,  Theon loses his hold on the Starks lead and ends up sidelined at present.

The Iron Island Greyjoys
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