The Westeros League: The Storm’s End Baratheons

Posted by Mongo Thursday, September 13, 2012

City :  Storm’s End / King’s Landing
Colors: Black and Gold
Mascot : Crowned Stag
Motto: “Ours is the fury”

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The Storm's End Baratheons

After two seasons of play, the Baratheons still hold the title, albeit in name only.

In their first season, team captain Joffrey was thought to be a career Baratheon but it came out that he is probably going to be on the Lannisters due to free agency and some personal conduct violations.  This led to a controversy that has been raising questions over his capabilities and qualifications to lead his team.

During his reign, he’s proven he’s young and dangerous when he gets riled up and has been known to be quick to overreact.   

However during his career with the Baratheons, Joffrey survived a couple of tough opponents some from within his own ranks.  The visiting Winterfell Starks made a late run and Joffrey permanently ended the playing career of former team captain, Ned “Eddard” Stark. 

This season, backup Stannis made it clear he deserved to be in charge and even took out his own competition,  Renly for the starting position.   His public attacks against Joffrey’s stats led to a fiery match up as Stannis tried to prove he was the man for the job.  In the end the Lannisters marched in and dismantled his offense rather effectively, leaving Joffrey with the starting job.

The Storm's End Baratheons
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