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Posted by Mongo Sunday, September 9, 2012

Howdy all.

It's been awhile since I threw something up on the blog...

wow... that just sounded horrible...

Yeaaah, anyyywaaay, just wanted to let you know that I'm putting together 15 super posts devoted around a new line I finished up a few weeks ago.  The Westeros League has 14 teams based on houses from the popular series, A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R. R. Martin.   For those of you who have HBO, it's the Game of Thrones show.

I approached each design like a professional sports team in the United States.  I didn't want to limit them to a specific sport so that everyone could enjoy them.  Each desin will detail an individual team/house using the name of the city or location of the house and the house name.  The sigil makes up the mascot portion.  14 teams make up the league, so expect 14 posts with a 15th devoted to linking to all of the designs.

For now, each design will only be available on apparel from my Skreened shop and apparel, stickers, and cases (iPhone) through my Redbubble store.  But that will give you plenty of options if you'd like to pick on up for yourself or a GoT fan in your family.  Remember, Winter is Coming.

After all 15 posts go up, I will be doing a giveaway to sort of bridge the Halloween and Christmas break.  I know I usually do a Halloween giveaway but I think given the amount of work put into this set, I should focus on promoting the hell out of it.   Fear not, the giveaway, will be rather epic.   At least, I think it will.

Coming at ya, beginning this week. 


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