Become a T-Shirt Hell Affiliate And Earn Money

Posted by Mongo Thursday, December 3, 2009

That's right. Yeah, I spend time creating, loading, and marketing designs in order to sell t-shirts. Maybe you would love to do the same but don't have the time. T-Shirt Hell does all the work. You just point people to their store. As an affiliate, you can use your blog or website to promote T-Shirt Hell and if someone buys a shirt you get $5.00. That's it. If someone buys 5 shirts, you get a check for $25.00. (meaning checks get sent out after you earn a minimum of $25.00)


You can also promote affiliation and get an additional $1.00 for every shirt sold through your affiliate tree. Click the banner for more details.

DISCLAIMER. Do realize that T-Shirt Hell sells and promotes shirts with sometimes....OK, mostly offensive, crude and rude humor. Please be responsible in your promotion. You have been warned.


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