I Have Commitment Issues With New York

Posted by Mongo Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I am a born and raised Southwestern Pennsylvania Mongo. I grew up in between the cow patty filled pastures of rural farmlands and the hustle and bustle of the mid size metropolis known as Pittsburgh. I always thought I would be a city boy at heart and always wanted to live in places like New York or San Francisco and the like. It was my background as an actor and love of the electric feel of the urban skyline that made me want to take that plunge, but the high cost of living, traffic, close quarters and quite frankly my desire to live a long life and not end up as a statistic that kept me near the suburbs.

Of course, I still like to visit. I’ve been to San Francisco and would go back in a heartbeat but New York is one of those cities that I really want to love but have problems committing to that emotion. I was there recently on business in 2006 and didn’t get much of a chance to sight see. I did manage to walk from Madison Ave to Times Square and back on more than one occasion. There’s an awesome little bar for small town guys like me called Mulligan’s on the way. I found it after I realized that most establishments wouldn’t like to cater to the sweatshirt and jeans clad clientele and figured what better way to find a decent drink in Gotham than to ask one of its working class heroes, a doorman.

I’d still love to take in my first Broadway show and do all the touristy stuff again, but money being what it is and my ever emerging social anxiety disorder…actually I think it’s more spatial anxiety disorder. I’m getting to big in britches to fit into tiny places…I find myself unwilling or unable to make the trip. So, with that in mind I give you a couple of designs for those of us who really want to love NY but just can’t commit.

I Like Like NY
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I Have Commitment Issues With NY
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