NASA Bombs the Moon

Posted by Mongo Friday, October 9, 2009

NASA sent a rocket to the Moon. It wasn't in order to explore it like the Apollo Missions did. It was to crash into it...on purpose. In order to see if water was present in the hopes of someday colonizing the moon, they crashed a sensor laden rocket into a crater to test the plume. It was the equivalent of the Coyote falling off a huge cliff, ending in a small puff of dust at the bottom.

But exploding ACME products aside, we here at M.A.M.S. The Store, we look at this as an opportunity to explore how news influences the Internet social networking sites ability to keep up with the times and in turn influences us.

Here we have Facebook recording that The United States has SuperPoked the Moon.

Of course, the Moon tweeted how it felt about such an act.

Finally, we made a shirt about NASA searching for water on the moon.

Isn't science and the Internet fun?


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