University of Florida Police Department Zombie Task Force

Posted by Mongo Friday, October 2, 2009

It’s been a good year for zombies. The opening of Zombieland in theaters is perfect timing for the genre. While you sit there with your popcorn, think about this, “What is your zombie plan?” Recently, the UF website listed, among other disaster preparedness exercises, a plan for the campus to handle a zombie attack. Unfortunately, as amusing as it was, the administration thought it a little silly and had it removed. Thanks to the power of the Internet, someone preserved a copy. Truthfully, this is a well thought out document. Hysterical, but well planned. I personally like the terminology of ZBSD (Zombie Behavior Spectrum Disorder) and the fact they have a Infected Co-worker Dispatch Form.

This all flows from the fact that earlier this year, zombies have been on the brain among civil services. Pun intended. First there was the geeks that hacked an Austin DOT digital road sign and changed the message to WARNING ZOMBIES AHEAD! Then there was the Boston Police Department’s Twitter Feed explaining their transparency when dealing with a potential outbreak. Would they let us know? Absolutely.

So, of course, I’m all over this like a reanimated corpse on gray matter. I give you a designs for the...

The design uses the abbreviation of UFPD for the department above a recreation of the badge for Campus Police. Underneath the badge are the words, "University of Florida Police Department Zombie Task Force." and the stylized phrase "We're Here For You." All the standard products are there including mugs, tote bags, magnets, hats, and various shirts for the whole family.

I fully expect to have this one pulled but wanted to get it out there while I tweak the design in case of Content Usage Police Force. I used my previous designs for the BPD, NYPD, and Evans City PD Zombie Task Forces as the template in creating this one.


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