Simple and Funny Halloween Costumes

Posted by Mongo Monday, October 26, 2009

People who celebrate Halloween sometimes go all out with the decorations or costumes. A lot of time and money can be spent perfecting that impersonation or abstract thought in the form of a Halloween Costume. For those of you who go out trick or treating you might find that it’s a daunting task to come up with something original or cool in order to impress the home owner holding the candy bowl. However, you could be completely jaded or fed up with continually coming up with a good costume only to have countless conversations involving you explaining exactly what you are. Let’s face it, if you have to explain it, you lose the element of originality and coolness. So, this year, let everyone know that you are in fact wearing a costume and you are just here to get the candy with a couple of different designs which are basically just plain text. Simple and to the point. Both designs are available in multiple styles and sizes of shirts as well as buttons.


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