The Westeros League Designs

Posted by Mongo Monday, October 29, 2012

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been putting together a post for each team design. The first four teams got a fictional report of how their seasons were going.  That become cumbersome and I scrapped it for a straight forward approach.  So, beyond the Baratheons, Greyjoys, Starks, and Lannisters, it's more about what inspired me, the approach, obstacles, and talking points.

Included in each post is a larger version of the design and links to the stores and different products they adorn.  For now, I only have them on Redbubble and Skreened.  At Skreened, they are available as t-shirts or hoodies.  Redbubble has a wider selection including shirts, hoodies, stickers, iPhone cases and soon to be iPad cases as well. 

The giveaway will be coming shortly as I continue to gather up all the prizes for it.   Stay tuned and enjoy.



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