The Westeros League: The Winterfell Starks

Posted by Mongo Thursday, October 4, 2012

City :  Winterfell
Colors: Grey and White
Mascot : Direwolf
Motto: “Winter is Coming”

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The Winterfell Starks

The Winterfell Starks symbolize strength.  They symbolize legacy.  The team has a long history of being there in the clutch.  The last two seasons have been a sort of an up and down battle for them.  Last year’s team captain, Ned “Eddard” Stark met a gruesome end with a career ending head injury at the hands of the Lannisters or was it the Baratheons.    It’s hard to tell.  The initial injury came from the Lannisters but the final blow was dealt by Joffrey’s offense.

This season, new captain, Robb has gone on a winning streak with his offense comprised of banner men.  Even though he was dealt a loss by the Lannisters, he managed to take out the King Slayer, Jaime.  But there is trouble a brewing between him and the Tully’s due to his off the field activities.

Seeing an opening, Theon and the Greyjoys struck at Winterfell, taking control of the lead for a brief moment.  However he made a key error in making bold claims about taking Brann and Rickon down on the field.

The Winterfell Starks
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