The Westeros League: Sunspear Martells

Posted by Mongo Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another one of those smaller, not well seen houses in the show, the Martells of Sunspear have not really made an appearance in the first or second season.   The biggest mention is when Tyrion sends Myrcella Baratheon to be wed to Prince Doran.

However, their sigil looks like it’s already a team logo, so I included them to; A: Take advantage of that fact and B: get my design count up to an even number.

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The Sunspear Martells
(Now with glaring spelling mistakes!)

From first glance of the logo over at the House Martell page on the Wiki of Ice and Fire, I thought, “Phoenix Suns”.  So, I ran with it. 

Phoenix Suns Logo (circa 2000)

Of course, the sun is different and there is no basketball involved, but I wanted to use the Phoenix logo as the foundation.  I did use the Phoenix logo as a basis for the shape and the coloration style.  The somewhat clip art style shading and depth perception was also mimicked in the way the light fell on both the sun and the spear.

The font choice was inspired by the SUNS logo but like the Tullys’ design, I needed to sort of fudge the letters I didn’t have a guide for.

I found it hard to justify putting purple into the design as the Martell’s colors are orange and red.  I used a sort of brown in place of the grey background and only used a complimentary bluish or purple hue for the shirt or iphone selections.

A side note about the designs, the backgrounds on some products are not selectable.  I do offer each of these in cases for phones, but the backgrounds are customized by me, with my best opinion on color selection.   For the iphone,  and soon to be iPad cases, I gave the backgrounds a stainless steel appearance with a color choice dependent on the design.  Unfortunately, you cannot pick and choose your own background.  These are only available through Redbubble at this time. If a time comes when they offer a choice of colors, I will make the designs available with a transparent stainless steel finish, allowing the background color to bleed through.

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