The Westeros League: The Eyrie Arryns

Posted by Mongo Friday, October 12, 2012

Next up for the Westeros League is The Eyrie Arryns

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The Eyrie Arryns

The obvious comparison to a major league American team would be either The Philadelphia Eagles or the Atlanta Falcons.  I did work off of a mix of the Eagles curvature with the MSU Spartans style of lettering.  I redrew a falcon pic, I had found, which was rather small in comparison. Now, I know what you're thinking.  "He done screwed up with this one. It's a blue falcon on a white moon"  And... you could be right.  However, I tried very hard to stick to the original colors from the House Arryn page on the Wiki of Ice and Fire.  The white moon was just not working with the overall design. 
Compare the test on the left and the finished on the right.
I needed the blue outline around the falcon and the signage didn't work with it intersecting, overwriting, etc.  So, I opted to go back to the blue moon and deal with it.  It was a late night and I was just too tired to go back and redo it.
Now, what do about the wording?  Where does it go?   I need to fit a moon and the falcon on the design as well as the name.  I tried putting the "Arryns" above the falcon, but that didn't leave a lot of visible background for the full moon.  So, I opted to place it below and have the falcon claw into the sign.  Even with the blue moon, I'm still a little bit perturbed with the way the outline around the wings falls behind the sign while the talons fall in front of it.  I had to duplicate the layer with the bird above and below the one with the sign so I could erase out the rest of the falcon that would be sitting behind the sign.
Overall, I'm about 75% happy with the finished product.
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