Amity Island Swim Club

Posted by Mongo Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Retro Rag original. This is probably the second design I ever did for the store. I cannot take full credit for coming up with the idea. Besides being an homage to JAWS I had seen an advert for another shirt in a magazine. It kind of really sparked my interest as a pop culturist. The Dobler Effect was a referential idea to the movie Say Anything but this was creating something that was sort of an in joke to the nature of the film. I find humor in it. It would be kind of like seeing a job posting for a Death Star lever puller. Great benefits, free parking, 401k, upward mobility, vacation, Imperial Academy tuition reimbursement.

So, I put down the magazine and jumped in the chair with my lap top in hand. I thought to myself, what would be funny about JAWS that wouldn’t call out the subject matter by name, but give you enough clues to figure it out? How about a business or club? Then the in jokes started flooding me. Let’s promote getting in the water. Membership to the Amity Island Swim Club requires one thing, making it back to shore.

The design is a simple image of a swimmer in the water with the text forming a circle, or perhaps teeth… A lot of people will find fault with the design because it has the wrong year on it. Just remember, which came first, movie or book? JAWS was published in 1974, hence the year. So, there’s some trivia for you.

Like Dobler Effect, the original design was clean and new. I was still green when it came to design and hadn’t figured out how to age and stress the images to make them look vintage and old, like if they came from the 70s. I was merely trying to get my stuff out there for consumption and was a little haphazard with it. As I became more comfortable with the process and could easily replicate the effect, I started looking back at my designs and started to redo them. Colors range from white to ash grey with the original blue logo, and a host of darker colors with a white logo imprinted on them. Shirts start as low as $12.99 and buttons and magnets start as low as $4.49 plus shipping.
Amity Island Swim Club

Olive Shirt with the white logo


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