Mongo 2.0

Posted by Mongo Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome to the new site. This is going to be a work in progress so bear with me. I decided to spin the CaféPress portion of my blogging into its own site so that I can separate my writings from my business. Here is some basics about what you will find on this blog.

Store Designs
I felt it more appropriate to split off the store into its own blog so that I can capitalize on graphic designs and promotion of the store. Each design that gets added to my store will have a post accompanying it. This way I can speak a little bit about the thought process and even maybe give some insight into how it was realized. I plan to somehow embed my store into the blog but until that happens, I will post individual designs with links to the store.

CafePress From the Business Side
As much as I loathe how CP, as it will be called from time to time, has changed their business practices in regards to shop keepers, I cannot bite off too much of the hand that has fed me in terms of profit. I don’t see much of it, but it’s still paid out more than I’ve paid into so that I can maintain a premium shop on CP. So, anytime I realize a success or find another reason to bitch, I will share it with you.

Design Tips
If you have ever thought about designing for CP or another POD (Print of Demand) site like Zazzle or Spreadshirt, you may have questions on how to do certain things. Quite frankly, I have benefited from the Internet when it comes to other’s generosity in sharing tricks. I wish I could draw and I wish I could have Photoshop to make things easier. I have neither the talent nor technology, so anything I show you will be in Paint.NET or Microsoft Word. Also, I will probably use examples other than my own work to illustrate a point because it’s easier to show on a simpler image instead of complex ideas.


Again, I don’t make a heck of a lot on my work. Truth be told since CaféPress seems fit to only give me 10% profit on my work sold through the Marketplace, I only make enough to fill up the tank on my car twice a month. There will be some ads and other forms of monetization. If you find the stuff I’m doing worthwhile or informative, click an add or donate to the cause and if you’re really impressed, buy something from the store. I appreciate the business.


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