Bushwood County Club...Be the Shirt

Posted by Mongo Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Cinderella Story Out of Augusta. Here is a complete re-creation of the Bushwood Country Club logo from Caddyshack. These designs are seen on Danny Noonan’s caddy hat and shirt. Being almost 30 years old, the design has been aged to give it a retro look as if it came off the printing press in 1980.

Basic White Shirt and Hat (Hat also comes in Khaki)

You can order it on hats and shirts as well as magnets, mugs, and bags. Unfortunately, you don't get a free bowl of soup with the hat.

There is also different colors for the shirt including the option for "Danny Noonan Red" which is the original color of the shirt from the movie.

Danny Noonan Red

For those of you “real” golfers out there, it even comes on a golf shirt so that you can wear it on the course. Duffers are welcome, too, from 1:00pm - 1:15pm.

Standard Golf Shirt

There is also a second design displaying the Bushwood logo and the words Caddy Day, 1980 on all products. For that chance to say, "I was there."

Caddy Day 1980

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na...


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