Patrick Swayze Dies At 57 From Pancreatic Cancer

Posted by Mongo Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I really thought he would fight this and win. After all, he was Dalton. He was Jed Eckert. He was Johnny Castle. He was Sam Wheat…that one doesn’t help, I guess. Kidding aside, losing Patrick Swayze was hard. Dealing with cancer in my own family makes the mortality rate all the more real. Losing the likes of Swayze and Randy Pausch to Pancreatic Cancer is truly sad and their fight against the disease gives me hope for my loved ones. The fact that they lived beyond their predicted expectancy is a testament to the strength of their will and their heart.

Now before Swayze died I had already had two designs based on his films. While not specifically calling out Swayze as a direct influence, the impact of these two films featuring him are in no question. So, here at M.A.M.S. The Store we honor a true hero on and off the screen with these designs.

Based on the images I could piece together from memory and multiple viewings of Red Dawn, here’s a tribute to the Calumet Wolverines, the Alma mater of the characters from the movie.

Rock and Roll Ex President
I believe Point Break was more Swayze’s movie than Keanu’s. The iconic image of him underneath the mask of President Ronald Reagan saying “Rock and Roll” before their last big score inspired me to try and recreate this scene as a inked drawing with a bit of an off centered text, underneath it.

Both designs are available in multiple colors as well as multiple products like mugs, magnets, hats, and tote bags.


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