Westeros League Post Format Change

Posted by Mongo Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When I originally envisioned doing these posts for the Westeros League designs, I had two paths before me.  The first path was to try and craft a story, kind of like a sports log of each team through the first two seasons of the HBO show.  The other path was to give a straight up detail of the design including inspiration and story behind what I was trying to achieve.

I opted for the more creative route and found myself struggling to adapt the storyline of the show to a Sports Center type of perspective.  After all, when you have the Baratheons fighting against themselves and Starks fighting different battles at the same time, it’s hard to try and weave a plausible game/match format.  To make matters worse, I intend to hold a giveaway once I finish the last post and that’s ten posts in the future I have to rack my brain over coming up with something creative. 

Sorry, folks,  I just don’t have the time....and I'm not that creative, I guess.  /sadpanda

Instead, with the first four teams out of the way, I’m going to switch gears and go back to second path and just give straight up commentary on what the design means, what inspired me and what I drew on for the overall deliverable.   That should make things go a little quicker.  Besides, I haven’t read the books.  I have no idea how the Mormonts figure in from a battle standpoint other than Jorah and his father Jeor are playing for different teams.  It will get confusing.  Doesn’t take much with me.

So, next up will be the Mormonts and then we will just keep trucking along through all 14 designs.

If you want to skip ahead and check out any of the designs, they are hosted on my Skreened and Redbubble stores.


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