Back To School Tees #2 Adams College

Posted by Mongo Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Continuing our lineup of “Back To School Tees” we head out to the left coast to Adams College, home of the Alpha Betas, The Tri Lambs, and Ogre. The progenitor of god knows how many subpar sequels, Revenge of the Nerds gave the underdog a chance to be king of the campus. They defeated the Jock Frat Boys by using their brains over their brawn, which, if they had pulled half of that stuff now, they would have surely been arrested for sexual harassment, breaking and entering, and probably drug charges. But it was the 80s, a simpler time when all of these types of infractions would have been met with a slap on the wrist and a pat on the head for being “college boys.”   So, here's the Adams College Home of the Atoms logo for you.

Adams Atoms
Get it at Skreened on a baseball tee for $28.99

Or a regular white tee for $19.99

Fun Facts About The Movie
Robert Carradine and Anthony Edwards tested out their nerd makeup and costumes by rushing an actual fraternity during college rush-week. The leader of the first house they rushed took one look at them and said, “No way!”

Donald Gibb (Ogre) is dressed as a Viking for the homecoming carnival. Nowadays he plays what looks to be one in the Captial One credit card commercials.

Lewis Skolnick’s nerd laugh was actually inspired by his on screen dad, played by James Cromwell. “That’ll do nerd, That’ll do.”


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